November 22, 2017
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  • This web page provides information on our fight against fast-track legislation. The measure requires Congress to take only a quick up-or-down vote on secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and does not allow such agreements to be amended. It limits Congress’ constitutionally mandated oversight of such trade deals and lets others decide what’s best for America. The result is fewer good-paying U.S. jobs and unsafe food and products for Americans. Read more to find out why fast track is the wrong track for Teamsters and America.

  • Workers across the country at FedEx Freight and Con-way Freight are standing shoulder to shoulder to form their unions with the Teamsters to win a more secure future. Momentum is building with a first wave of victories with many more to come.

    There is growing worker resentment toward the companies after years of being treated unfairly. While the companies have suddenly made improvements since workers began to organize, workers know that without a legally binding contract the company can take these things away at any time.

    The unfulfilled promises that have been made to drivers and dockworkers over the past decade are coming back to haunt management.

    But now workers are taking action and standing up for themselves by forming their union. It's a different era now. It's Teamster Time! LIKE our Facebook page, here.

  • First Student employees’ collective bargaining agreement with the company, which covers more than 21,000 workers, expires on March 31, 2015. Employees at First Student made history when they voted overwhelmingly to ratify a national master agreement on June 1, 2011, and it is time to renegotiate that agreement. Turn to this page to get the latest contract news and updates. The first round of negotiations is scheduled for January 27-28, 2015. The national contract expires March 31, 2015.

  • Teamsters are standing together to protect good jobs as Sysco, the country’s largest foodservice provider, attempts to purchase its only national competitor, US Foods. Join our campaign to demand that Sysco and US Foods honor their agreements with 11,500 Teamsters and protect the livelihoods of the men and women who make these companies leaders in the industry. LIKE our Facebook page, here.

  • Taylor Farms workers in Tracy, California are standing up against poverty wages, disrespect and severe violations of their most basic rights. These 900 food processing workers in the Central Valley cut, wash and package salads and other products for the largest supplier of fresh-cut produce in the country. They feed the customers of major grocers, retailers and restaurant chains, including Walmart and McDonald’s.

    With a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2012, Taylor Farms can afford to treat its workers in Tracy with dignity and pay fair wages, just like their Teamster coworkers have at Taylor Farms’ facilities in Salinas, California. But when workers came together to organize with Teamsters Local 601, the company responded mercilessly. It fired, harassed, and punished workers for supporting the union. The company threatened immigrant workers with deportation, hiring an army of union-busters to run a non-stop fear campaign. During an NLRB election for union representation, Taylor Farms deployed a goon squad of supervisors to intimidate workers. The company’s violations were so egregious that the Labor Board impounded ballots while it investigates hundreds of Unfair Labor Practice charges.

    Workers in Tracy, following in the footsteps of labor leader and civil rights icon Cesar Chavez, are taking their fight to the public. The workers’ struggle for a better life for their families is supported by Teamsters in California and nationwide. We are building a movement for respect for the workers who feed America.

    ¡Si Se Puede!

  • Taxi drivers in Washington, D.C. are fed up!

    After years of unfair regulations and lack of respect, we are fighting back by forming the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association. Our association will be backed by Teamsters Local 922 and the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

  • The Teamsters have stood in solidarity with worker struggles in other countries since our founding. With economic globalization, our ability to organize increasingly depends on our ability to build alliances with workers on a global scale.
    More than ever, Teamsters are organizing and bargaining with multi-national companies. A key objective of our Global Strategies Campaign is to build strong alliances with unions around the globe who organize and bargain with common employers. Our focus is on workers in the emerging global supply chains – the infrastructure of globalization.
    Globalization creates new opportunities for international worker solidarity. We seek common cause with workers around the world to build social justice for all workers and the communities in which they live.

  • Teamsters at Republic Services/Allied Waste have stood together in recent years to fight for strong contracts, including going on strike and supporting their fellow striking workers. Workers continue to fight for strong contracts that include retirement security at the second largest solid waste company. This campaign page is dedicated to those ongoing efforts.

  • Welcome to Teamster Organizing!

    You've heard it said that the best defense is a good offense. In the war on workers, Teamster Organizing is on the offensive! We're winning power for workers across industries and across North America. Join us!

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Current news directly from Union Locals in the US and Canada.
AMFA–ASA and Virgin America Seniority Integration Discussions
11/22/17 - AMFA Local 32
As Union Membership Declines, Middle Class Income Shrinks
11/22/17 - Teamsters Local 492
Worker Rights Suppression Map
11/22/17 - Teamsters Local 492
EPI maps the campaign to suppress worker rights in the states EPI released an interactive map that paints a disturbing picture of the rise of anti-worker preemption laws across the country. The map shows which states have blocked cities and counties from improving workers’ wages and working conditions. Workers in St.
Happy Thanksgiving
11/22/17 - Charlotte Area Local APWU
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and joyous thanksgiving. I wish everyone plenty of food, plenty of laughter, and total enjoyment of being with family and creating memories. To all, those scheduled to work. I pray that your limited time with your family be a joyous time and a blessing to you and your family.
Teamsters Union Claims Big Win vs. Largest Opioid Distributor
11/22/17 - Teamsters local 570
Nov. 22, 2017 | ADVOCACY | In what is a big win for shareholder activism, and in particular for Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, stockholders in the nation’s largest opioid distributor, McKesson, voted down the firm’s compensation policies and ordered the board to split the positions of chairman and CEO.
Happy Thanksgiving
11/22/17 - Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO
The Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Our office will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd thru Monday, November 27th for the Holiday.
Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
11/22/17 - IBEW Local 332
The Union Office and the Dispatch Hall will be closed beginning Thursday November 23rd and will reopen for business on Monday November 27th. It is a four (4) day weekend for all classifications in Dispatch: Inside, S&C, Residential and Material Handlers. May you and your family have a safe and joyous weekend.
2017 Toys For Tots Drive
11/22/17 - Teamsters Local 177
The Christmas Season, a time of giving, is once again upon us. In keeping with our tradition, here in Local 177, of helping those that are less fortunate, we are asking for your help and support in the Teamsters Toys for Tots Drive.  We are seeking NEW toys and would ask that you please DO NOT WRAP THEM. NO CASH OR CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Transportation Labor Leaders Focus On Creating Jobs, Protecting Workers
11/22/17 - Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
Washington, DC — The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), and its 32 affiliated unions zeroed in on policies that both create and protect good, middle-class transportation jobs and ensure those jobs are safe for the workers who perform them at today’s fall Executive Committee meeting.
Transportation Labor Wants Investment In Rail And Transportation Infrastructure
11/22/17 - Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
Speaking before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials today, Larry I. Willis, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), called on federal lawmakers to invest in US rail and transportation infrastructure, and to use those investments to create good middle-class jobs.
Teamsters Union Claims Big Win vs. Largest Opioid Distributor
11/22/17 - Teamsters Local 355
Nov. 22, 2017 | ADVOCACY | In what is a big win for shareholder activism, and in particular for Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, stockholders in the nation’s largest opioid distributor, McKesson, voted down the firm’s compensation policies and ordered the board to split the positions of chairman and CEO.
No union, low safety, report concludes
11/22/17 - Great Plains Laborers' District Council
This 2017 edition of Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect marks the 26th year the AFL-CIO has produced a report on the state of safety and health protections for America’s workers. More than 553,000 workers now can say their lives have been saved since the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, which promised workers in this country the right to a safe job.
AMFA-ASA and Virgin America Seniority Integration Discussions Update #2
11/22/17 - AMFA
November 22, 2017 -- The AMFA-ASA and Virgin America committees met to continue discussions on seniority integration in Livermore, CA on November 14 and 15. After two days of discussions we would like to announce that we have reached an Agreement in Principle (AIP) on seniority integration. While the major components have been agreed upon, we still have some specific language that remains to be written and agreed upon in order to reach a formal Tentative Agreement (TA).
Happy Thanksgiving
11/22/17 - GCC/IBT District Council 4
The District Council 4 Office Staff and Executive Board would like to wish all our members a Happy Thanksgiving.
11/22/17 - IBEW Local 6
Rest In Peace Mikey
11/22/17 - IUEC Local 10
It is with a very heavy heart that I inform the membership of the passing of Michael (Mike) Rye.  Mike was currently a super with Kone in Baltimore, but I worked with Mike at Schindler.  Mike was a great guy.  I talked with him, just a couple of weeks ago and am still trying to comprehend the fact that he is no longer with us.
Happy Thanksgiving
11/22/17 - Denver Metro Area Local APWU
May your Thanksgiving be full of good food and the love of family and friends.
In Memory Of....
11/22/17 - IBEW Local 191
One of our dear Brothers, David L. Brune, passed away this last week. Born 5/01/1940 - 2017 A 52 year member of IBEW Local 191. You will be missed.
Holiday Drop-In
11/22/17 - Charlotte Area Local APWU
December 19, 2017 7:00am-4:00pm Union Hall Members are encouraged to stop by for food, deserts & music.
Election Results
11/21/17 - International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
RSSA SHOP COMMITTEE Mark Walker TRUSTEES Lori Hicks Jason McAdoo Jordan Murray CONDUCTOR-SENTINEL Mark Walker 123 ballots cast 20 spoiled Totals posted at the Union Hall.
Friendly Reminder From Call Steward Office
11/21/17 - IATSE Local 33
Friendly Reminder From The Call Stewards Office The Call Office is "Closed" only two times a year - Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. When calling in on Wednesday, November 22nd, you are doing so for both Thanksgiving day and Friday. Please remember this so you don't have conflicts with your Holiday Schedule.
Jones Act In Depth
11/21/17 - Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-National Office
The Contribution of the Jones Act to U.S. Security by David Gouré The United States has always had a special relationship to water. It is a nation founded from the sea. Its interior was explored and linked to the sea via mighty rivers and waterways that penetrate deep into the continent’s interior.
Happy Thanksgiving!
11/21/17 - Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Inc.
Brothers and Sisters, As we approach another Thanksgiving (the time flies by), it sometimes is hard to remember what we are thankful for.  The law enforcement officers of this state place their lives on the line in service to the community every day and sometimes we are required to pay that ultimate sacrifice to protect our communities.
Fleet Memo for November 18 2017
11/21/17 - Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-National Office
Fleet Memo for November 4 2017
11/21/17 - Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-National Office
How Millennials Are Trying to Revive The Labor Movement
11/21/17 - Teamsters local 570
Nov. 21, 2017 | UNIONS | … It’s perhaps no surprise at all that many [millennials] – “people who weren’t political at all” - have come to look favorably upon unions.
Activate Clinic Holiday Schedule
11/21/17 - UA Local 23 Plumbers & Pipefitters
fleet memo for November 4 2017
11/21/17 - Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-National Office
fleet memo for October 28 2017
11/21/17 - Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-National Office
How Millennials Are Trying to Revive The Labor Movement
11/21/17 - Teamsters Local 355
Nov. 21, 2017 | UNIONS | … It’s perhaps no surprise at all that many [millennials] – “people who weren’t political at all” - have come to look favorably upon unions.
fleet memo for October 21 2017
11/21/17 - Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-National Office
Union Dues Withholding Process
11/21/17 - UAW Local 602
Better Run Board
11/21/17 - ATU Local 1001
Special Legislative Update: Meeting at the White House
11/21/17 - AMFA
November 21, 2017 -- The White House recently requested a meeting with the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) to discuss foreign outsourcing.  Yesterday, AMFA’s legislative affairs team -- Justin Madden, Legislative Affairs Director and Commonwealth Strategic Partners -- and I met with a representative of the White House Domestic Policy Council in Washington, D.C.
Enforcement lagging at the IL Dept of Labor
11/21/17 - Great Plains Laborers' District Council
Staffing at the Illinois Department of Labor is about the same as it’s been for years, but funding has plummeted, according to information from legislative sources. However, two unionists who work closely with prevailing wage issues see a slowdown and attribute deteriorating service to regular workers as less about resources than management there.
How Millennials Are Trying to Revive The Labor Movement
11/21/17 - Teamsters Local 992
Nov. 21, 2017 | UNIONS | … It’s perhaps no surprise at all that many [millennials] – “people who weren’t political at all” - have come to look favorably upon unions.
Tentative Officer Election Results
11/21/17 - CWA Local 7777
We Lost A Great Devoted Member
11/21/17 - GCC/IBT District Council 4
We are sad to report Marcus Hedger passed away November 20, 2017. Marcus was such a devoted Union Member always at all union events.  Wherever he was needed he was there to offer a helping hand. It is hard to believe that this great person is gone and he will be sincerely missed. We have countless pictures of Marcus but we chose this one that best reflected him; the Harley Man.
Union Made in America
11/21/17 - Teamsters Local 776
Before you put together your Thanksgiving dinner shopping list, check our list of union-made in America...
How Millennials Are Trying to Revive The Labor Movement
11/21/17 - Teamsters Local 888
Nov. 21, 2017 | UNIONS | … It’s perhaps no surprise at all that many [millennials] – “people who weren’t political at all” - have come to look favorably upon unions.
11/20/17 - Teamsters Local 179
We are happy to announce our Scholarship Application is now available for all members who wish to apply.  Joint Council 25 Women's Committee believes in investing in our members by helping them reach their educational goals. Please click on the attached application for more information.
11/20/17 - Teamsters Local 179
Turkey Trot-All slots filled
11/20/17 - IBEW Local 332
We have used all 106 slots for this years Turkey Trot. Thank you to all who signed up and to those who support the effort each year. Once again the proceeds will benefit great local organiziations that need our help. For those who are registered there are a few things to remember: 1. We are going to meet at 7:30am for a group picture.
Be sure to shop UNION as you prepare your big meal!
11/20/17 - HVALF AFL-CIO
As we prepare for Thanksgiving - please remember to shop Union. Acme has Hunger bags - just $10.00 provides a bag of food for the needy.
So called "right to work" - what happened to Wisconsin teachers when these laws passed
11/20/17 - Great Plains Laborers' District Council
Britta Pigorsch was a sophomore in a high school outside of Madison, Wisconsin, when Act 10 passed the state legislature in 2011. She already knew she wanted to be a teacher. But the legislation, which gutted collective bargaining rights for public sector unions and slashed their benefits, galvanized her further. "It angered me," said Pigorsch.
How the Trump Tax Cuts Would Reshape (and/or Break) Our Economy
11/20/17 - Teamsters local 570
Nov. 20, 2017 | TAXES | In addition to accelerating the offshoring and automation of American jobs, the Trump tax cuts would expedite the decline of trade unions in the United States. So-called “right-to-work” laws already hamper unionization in much of the U.S.
Request for Saturday off procedure
11/20/17 - UAW Local 602


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